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If you struggle every morning and end up being late to work because you can't figure out what to wear -- don't worry, you're not alone! I have found myself in the same situation many times. See, I am not much of a planner, I tend to work better under pressure but when it comes to my work outfits, I can't procrastinate and expect that the fashionista in my brain is awake at 6:30am while I'm getting my son ready for school and I literally have 10 minutes to: brush my teeth, shower, get dressed (presentably), grab breakfast, kiss my husband good-bye, grab my kid, his book bag, and out we go. This doesn't include the days I go to the gym and have 3 bags with me, my hair dryer in one hand, and my two phones in the other... I think you get the point.

Having to worry about what to wear to work in the morning stresses me out and starting the day like that just does not set the right tone. I want you to be successful and feel confident from the moment you wake up and get your day started. This is why I have put together some ideas to get you organized along with five easy breezy outfits that you can use as inspiration.

Time to get started....

1. Organize yourself

Invest in a small clothing rack to keep outside your closet, which will only have the pieces and accessories that you will use throughout the week. This is a great way to layout exactly what you have and be able to pair the pieces together; including shoes, bags, and accessories.

2. Plan ahead

Set aside some time to plan your outfits (and I don't mean the morning before you leave for work 😂). Use the weekend to get some outfit inspiration (like from my IG page for instance) and pick out from your closet only the pieces that you know you will use (no more than 10).

3. Set up outfits

Once you have selected pieces from your closet, hang them on the outside clothing rack to get a better idea of what you have and begin pairing pieces together. This is the best way to figure out if there are any key pieces you should purchase.

4. Wash and repeat

After you have used all your pieces for the week, wash them over the weekend and mix tops with different bottoms so you can create different looks. Finally, here are some outfits I have put together for you to use as inspiration with clickable links to purchase any of the pieces and get you started!






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