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I was born and raised in Lima, Peru but moved to Miami, FL back in 2001 with my family (mom, dad, and brother). My background is of course Peruvian, Japanese and Spanish (interesting mix I must say). My move to the States was rather difficult on me for several reasons. Leaving a place I loved and had known my entire life was not an easy thing, much less leaving the ones I loved. The transition to a new school, a new language, a new schedule, new friends, a completely new life but guess what? I made it! =D I am now a proud mom to a 7 year-old boy who takes my breath away and a happy wife to a crazy Irish man who makes my heart beat faster <3 

As a teenager I was not really into fashion, I was actually quite opposed to it. I was more of a rebel who always wanted to wear black, my favorite accessories were spike bracelets, and converse were always my go-to shoes. Jack Skellington from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' was my buddy and I had to have his cute little skeleton face everywhere. Well, those days are long gone! 

After I graduated high school, I went into the workforce, where I quickly realized that checkered shoelaces and spike-studded belts would not make for the most professional or presentable outfit. I basically had no choice but to dress the part if I wanted to fulfill my career goals. Well you know the saying... "dress for the job you want, not the job you have." 


I started my Instagram page as a hobby, after being told by so many people (mainly my husband) that I should start a blog and although I prefer being behind the scenes, Insta works for me; and writing, well, that I'm definitely much more comfortable with. 

I've always said that it's important for everyone to do something they enjoy, even if that something is to turn on the radio and dance for five minutes. It is so important to take care of one's self and even though time may not always be on our side, we must make time and enjoy the little things. Having now started this project, I can't believe I didn't do it sooner!


Dress Me For Less was created as a place to share fashion inspiration while incorporating those beautiful pieces that don't have to cost a fortune to make you look like a million bucks! 

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