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A Little More Than Vintage

This is always a difficult topic for me and I don't really know how to begin. Talking about the loss of a loved one brings so many emotions; it's not just sadness and grief, there is also happiness for the memories that were shared, and sometimes chuckles because that person genuinely made you smile. A year ago I lost my grandma, she was an amazing woman; not the type of amazing that one may say because that person is no longer here but because she truly was. My grandma helped everyone, and I mean EVERYONE! She took care of so many people and sacrificed herself for the well-being of others and did not ask for anything in return. I loved her very much and I miss her dearly, not only as a grandma but also as a friend. We had that kind of relationship, a friendship -- I would tell her everything and talk to her for hours every day. Though it's been 365 days since we last spoke, I feel like it was just last week.

When I was little, I would sneak into her room and raid her closet, try on all of her shoes and then neatly put them back so she wouldn't know what I did but, she always knew. One thing she liked were clothes, she sewed and altered her own wardrobe and always took very good care of her things. This skirt was her favorite! The story behind it was that it was originally sewn by my maternal grandmother for my mom. It belonged to my mom for a few years and my grandma would always compliment my mom whenever she wore it. After some time, my mom gifted it to my grandma and well, she couldn't have been happier.

In honor of my grandma's memory, I am styling and rocking this skirt today. It is in mint condition even though it's been around for over 40 years.

This is one piece that I just won't be able to find anywhere else, no similar styles, pattern, or print because it is simply one-of-a-kind, just as she was.

Love you always and forever, Abellita <3


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